GFI Report Center Framework

GFI Report Center Framework 3.5

GFI ReportCenter™ is a centralized reporting framework
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GFI ReportCenter™ is a centralized reporting framework that helps you to generate various reports using data collected by different GFI ReportPacks™. A Report Pack is a set of specialized reports, created and released for each of our products; for example, the GFI EventsManager™ ReportPack.

ReportPacks plug into the GFI ReportCenter framework; allowing you to generate, analyze, export and print the information generated by any GFI product.

Main features:
-Centralized Reporting: One stop, centralized reporting framework which gives you the power to generate and customize graphical and tabular reports for a wide array of GFI Products.

-Default and Custom Reports:Each ReportPack ships with a default set of graphical and tabular reports and also allows you to create customized reports.

-Report Scheduling:With GFI ReportCenter you can schedule reports to be generated on a pre-defined schedule as well as at specified intervals.

-Export Reports to Various Formats or Print:By default, GFI ReportCenter allows you to export reports to various formats. Supported formats include HTML, PDF, XLS, DOC and RTF. Printer friendly versions of reports are also supported.

-Distribution of Reports via Email:GFI ReportCenter allows you to automatically distribute generated reports via email.

-Wizard Assisted Configuration:Wizards are provided to assist you in the configuration, scheduling and customization of reports.

-Bookmark your Favorite Reports:GFI ReportCenter allows you to create bookmarks to your most frequently used reports, both for default and customized reports.

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